• Are you closing down? Unfortunately, yes we are.
  • Are you moving? No, we are just closing down.
  • Why are you closing? We just aren’t getting enough business.
  • When are you closing? The 14th of June, but it may be earlier if we run out of stock (which is looking pretty likely at the moment!)
  • Will you still be selling online? No, our website will run up until we close, and then will be taken down.
  • Can you order something in for me? Sorry, but we have closed our accounts with our suppliers so we can no longer order.
  • What discounts do you have? 25% off everything!
  • Are you selling your samples? Our samples help sell the pattern and wool they are made in, but once we have ran out of them we will be putting them up for sale (except those that are on loan from our suppliers, which need to be sent back to them).
  • What will you do now? My aim was always to go into publishing when I graduated, so that is what I am hoping to do.


How do I pay on Paypal using my debit or credit card?

At the bottom of the Checkout page under the Paypal icon, tick this the terms and conditions box, then click green “Proceed to PayPay” button.












This takes you to www.paypal,com where on the right about half way down the page click the blue “Pay with a debit or credit card” text, add your credit card details, and finaly the yellow “Pay” button at the bottom of the page.















If you have any problems please e-mail jen@thewoolstop.co.uk or ring us at 01454 414084

We are CLOSING DOWN on Friday the 14th of June. Use coupon code CLOSINGDOWN for 25% off your orders Dismiss