I have some wonderful new yarns to show you today! But first, I thought I would point out some new features you can find on the website. You will notice that we now have share buttons on the left hand side (or the bottom if you are on a mobile), so you can share any of our pages on Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest, or email or print them to your hearts desire, and show your friends your favourite yarns! We also have a live chat feature, where by clicking on the purple speech bubble in the right hand corner, you can speak directly to me, without the hassle of picking up the phone! The live chat is only being run during business hours, but is great if you are having any problems checking out, or choosing which yarn to get!

Now let’s get cracking with the wool!

I am very pleased to announce that we have all of the new colours in Special DK!

Doesn’t it look glorious? I have to admit, I do love colour-coding it! The new colours are called Lapis, Lincoln and Blush, and they are a great addition to the range, filling in some of the gaps. We now stock 64 of Special’s 80 shades, which I think is pretty good going! We are guaranteed to have at least one colour you love, haha!

And now for the one I’ve been so excited to show you – the brand new Stylecraft Batik Elements! If you follow us on any social media (you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest AND Google+!), you might have seen this sample:

Which is so pretty! I wish it fit me, but unfortunately my ridiculously long body lets me down again!

Batik is a blend of wool and acrylic, which makes it very soft but also warm too, so great for winter jumpers! We’ll definitely be needing them soon, it’s definitely getting colder and the nights are starting to draw in.

Batik also has some great patterns which are also available on the website if you click the link above, including a very cute children’s cardigan, and a pattern with three different kind of scarves, which would be great for making Christmas presents!

Speaking of Christmas, the Christmas section is back on the website in all it’s glory! With jumpers, toys and sparkly yarns, it has everything you need to prepare for the Christmas season!

We also have a few new colours in Life DK, aran and 4ply, to jazz them up a bit this winter!

Last week I showed you Stylecraft Tweedy, which is a lovely blend of cotton and acrylic. This week I have managed to get all of the patterns on the website too, including this lovely cable number that I know I’m going to wear a lot this winter! This is from pattern 9426, if you would like to make one for yourself!

I have also put the patterns for  Colourwheel on the website too, so if you would like to make something other than the free scarf pattern that you get with the ball of wool, there are some other knitting and crochet patterns to choose from!

And last, but definitely not least, you may have seen these badges before, but they are now available in the gift section, if you are feeling like jazzing up your wardrobe, or need little stocking fillers!

That is all from me today! I will see you next week to show off more goodies!

I hope you all have a great weekend! xoxo

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