Hello there! I hope everyone’s having a great week! I’m definitely enjoying the colder weather – it’s definitely the season for pyjamas, hot chocolate and knitting!

I’ve had quite a few deliveries this week, so have lots of goodies to show you overt the next few weeks – it’s be far too long if I tried to squeaze it all into one post!

Firstly, we finally had a delivery of Colourwheel! Sirdar have had quite a few problems getting some more in so it took longer than expected, but was definitely worth the wait!

As well as restocking on the colours already in the range, they have brought out 3 new colours; Desert Storm, Morland Musings and Whirlwind. Like all the other Colourwheel – these come with a free scarf pattern, so make great Christmas gifts!

Now that autumn is well and truly upon us, Rico’s Reflective Glowworm has been flying off the shelves as usual, especially the new prints. One of our lovely customers, Tracey, used it to make coats for her two chihuahuas!

Glowworm is always very popular in the winter for hats and scarves, but I’ve never seen anyone use it for dog coats before! It’s a wonderful idea, as the reflective strand running through it works like cats eyes and reflects any light back, making it ideal for keeping an eye on your dogs on any late night walks!

Our Stylecraft order arrived a few days ago, and had some wonderful goodies inside! We restocked on Wondersoft, and got a different colour in too – tutti fruiti!

This is a wonderful 100% acrylic yarn, and this colourway is very neutral so perfect if you don’t know the gender of the baby yet!

As the nights are getting longer and colder, super chunky is starting to get very popular again! One of my favourite super chunky yarns in Stylecraft’s Weekender, which comes in a range of lovely colours, and the matching patterns are very fashionable. This month we decided to extend our range, and got two of the new colours in; Silver and Old Rose!

We have also completely restocked on Special DK and Life 4ply and have a gorgeous new colour to bright up our Life Super Chunky cubbyhole – Smoke!


Grey is still proving incredibly popular and is very fashionable, so whenever anyone brings a grey out we are on it!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and I’ll see you next week!

Jen xoxo

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