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Without further ago, let’s get cracking!!

We have had some pretty fabulous deliveries that I can’t show you yet, as I’ve not had a change to put them on the website, but hopefully I’ll be able to show you soon!


First things first – I know I have showed you Stylecraft’s new yarn, Tweedy, before (along with my cable jumper in it), but we have just received a sample in it, so I thought I would show you! (You can click on the pictures to enlarge them if you like)

The sample uses one of the sideways knit patterns, which makes it really interesting to knit, and look at! I am currently in the process of putting the Tweedy patterns on the website along with the new yarns, so they will be available for your perusal soon!

We have also added another line to our sale this week – Special 4ply is currently reduced from £2.99 to £1.99 while stocks last!

One of the deliveries we had this week was Sirdar, where we completely restocked on Snuggly (it’s sooooooo soft I would like a bed made from it!) and Blossom Chunky – we now have lots of the new shade Budding Babe, which sold out almost immediately – grey is still very fashionable, and there are no signs of it easing in popularity any time soon! We also restocked on the new yellow – Pretty Primrose, which has been very popular too – they are both great colours if you’re not sure the sex of the baby!

And last, but by no means least, I have a few customer makes to show you! I am thinking of starting a ‘customer makes’ section on the website, as I love seeing what you make with all these lovely wools – what do you think? Let me know in the comments!

This week’s customer makes are especially awesome – because they’re for dogs! The lovely Tracey had two adorable Chihuahuas, Kipper and Cilla, who love wearing jumpers in the winter months to keep them warm!

This is Cilla modelling the Blossom Chunky – unfortunately we have since ran out of that colourway, but it shows how nicely the Blossom patterns, and how adorable it looks on a puppy!

Here Cilla is also modelling the lovely Colourwheel in the rainbow colourway! Naturally, we have also sold out of this, but we do have the Colourwheel on back order (Sirdar themselves have been completely sold out for about a month!), so we will get it as soon as it comes in!


That’s everything I have to show you today, I hope you all have a lovely weekend! I’m going to see the new IT this evening at the cinema – I hope it’s not too scary!

Jen xxx

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