Updates and Holiday!

Hello there, Sorry I haven’t been very active lately with blog posts, newsletters and social media, but my tennis elbow is really playing up so I have been trying to rest my hands as much as possible to make sure it doesn’t get any worse. Unfortunately this means I won’t be writing my intended blog post this month, but I did just want to drop in and say hi, and remind you that we will be closed from Saturday the 16th [...]


5 Frequently Asked Questions!!

Hello there! I know this isn’t the blog post I keep promising, but unfortunately my elbows have not been co-operating again, and a beginners guide to sock knitting would take a long time to write, so today I thought I’d answer the 5 most recently asked questions!   1. What is the best project to start with when learning to knit? Many people start with large projects like blankets as they are just straight up and down and don’t require any shaping, but [...]



Hello! I hope you’re all having an excellent December! Sorry for being so quiet recently, my tennis elbow is really playing up at the moment! I thought I’d remind you of our Christmas opening hours in case anyone is planning on popping in, or ordering online. We are open as usual until Saturday the 23rd of December, when we will close at 3pm. We will then be closed until Tuesday the 2nd of January, when normal opening hours will resume. Any orders placed [...]


Tennis Elbow :(

Hi everyone! This is just a quick note to apologise for the lack of blog posts at the moment. Some of you will know I have been suffering with golfers and tennis elbow since February. It is really bad at the moment, making it difficult to type, so there won’t be as many blog posts as usual but I’ll try and keep you in the loop as much as possible. Thank you for bearing with me! Jennifer xoxo


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