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We currently have a big sale on – in store and online! As well as still having 50% off all books, we also currently have an offer on Sirdar’s Baby Bonus DK.
As well as that, we are also having a huge summer sale on lots of luxury yarns, with 25% off ALL Adriafil, Artesano, DMC, Debbie Bliss and Rowan (yes that includes kidsilk haze!).  This sale is not just on the yarns though, but also on the patterns, and in the case of DMC, handmade hooks and needles too! All of this can be found in the sale section, so grab a bargain while stocks last!
Hope you all have a great weekend!
Hello! I hope you’ve all had a great week. I have had a very busy one, unpacking lots of new yarns for winter, and even some Christmas goodies! Unfortunately I haven’t had time to add them to the website yet, but hopefully I’ll be able to show you some next week! Until then,  here’s a picture of the two huge orders from Stylecraft and King Cole that arrived yesterday and I spent all day unpacking!
I accidentally piled it all up by the fridge and then had to work very hard to get to my lunch, haha! I should be able to show you some of the goodies next week, including the new Stylecraft range which is amazing!
For today, I have some new colours to show you! We had a Rico delivery a little while ago, and as well as stocking up on Essentials Cotton (very popular, especially with crocheters as they only come in 50g balls and are lovely bright colours!), we also have some new colours in Baby Classic DK, including Powder (a lovely pretty pink), Petrol and Greige (the new fashion I hear!). We now have two cubbyholes of Baby Classic DK so we can extend the range and have even more lovely colours
Last time I showed you a different colour in Baby Blossom Chunky that we had ordered in – well this time I have two brand new ones to show you!!
These two are called Pretty Primrose and Budding Babe. I’m so pleased they’ve brought out neutral colours in the Blossom, as before it was either pink or blue, which can be tricky if you don’t know the gender of the baby! These are going very quickly – we’ve already told almost all of the Budding Babe, and Pretty Primrose is looking to go the same way!
We also currently have a sale on James Brett Aria, a lovely sparkly DK! They have unfortuantely discontinued this one, so whe n it’s gone it’s gone!
I will see you next week with even more goodies! I hope you all have a great weekend!
Hello there! We are back from our holidays (and full of cake!), so I thought I would show you some of our new colours!
One of my favourite (shhh, don’t tell the others!) yarn is Flutterby, it’s a chenille-like yarn which is so ridiculously soft and makes gorgeous baby blankets. They even have a pattern for a kids dressing gown in it! I’m biding my time until they bring out an adult version! We recently completely restocked on Flutterby, and also got a new colour, which is so pretty!
wool shop yarn
Another great yarn for blankets is Blossom,  which is a very snuggly chunky weight which patterns with little flowers! We do also have a cardigan pattern for it, which is great for winter babies, and knits up super quickly which is always a plus!
Doesn’t it pattern awesomely?!? As well as completely restocking our colours, we have also had a new colours in – Posie! It’s a really lovely bright pink, which would make wonderful blankets and cardigans for baby girls!
yarn shop wool
Sirdar are also releasing some new colours in Blossom at the end of the month which we will be ordering in – including a grey (grey is soooo popular at the moment) and a really pretty yellow colour. I’m really thrilled with the new colours as most of the Blossom colours so far are quite gendered, so it’s nice to have some neutral colours too, as not everyone wants to find out the sex of the baby before!
Speaking of grey…we have also restocked on the ever-popular Aztec Aran, including AL10, a really lovely light grey which we can’t order in fast enough!
We also had an exciting visit from our King Cole rep this week, who showed us some of their autumn winter collection. There are releasing a gorgeous range of baby 4ply, which has matching solid colours, stripes, and spots and the patterns are just the cutest. We will be getting the range in in August, so I will be able to show it to you in a few weeks time!
I hope you all have a great weekend
Jen xoxo
Summer seems to be upon us again, it’s certainly warming up! It’s also almost time for our holiday – so don’t forget that we will be closed between Saturday the 24th of June and Saturday the 1st of July. We will be open as usual from Monday the 3rd, and any orders placed while we’re away will be posted then. Due to the holiday, there won’t be any blog posts for a few weeks, but I’ve got lots to show you today!
Our King Cole order has arrived, so we have stocked up on Galaxy DK (although a lot of it has gone already, so get it while you can!) We also have a few new colours in too, including Powder Blue (top right) in Splash.
A lot of the pretty patterned yarns come in very girly colours, so we are making sure that we have some great ones for boys too, along with unisex colours. Going with the blue theme, we also now have Lagoon (left on the second row from the top) in Cherish DK, which patterns like fairisle and is soooooo soft!
We stocked up on our 400g balls of aran too, with the very popular Fashion Aran, which has a 30% wool content and is lovely to work with. Here you can see Orkney (left) and Granary (right). Oh I do love yarn with flecks in!! These two were actually both customer orders, but we made sure to order in plenty extra as they are great colours for cosy jackets or blankets! You can never go wrong with neutral colours!
I’ve saved my favourite for last! Easily our most popular yarn (you should see the piles of it we have in the stock room!), we have decided to get TEN new colours of Special DK, meaning we now have 61 colours in it! And even better than that – each cubbyhole is now colour-coded and it looks BEAUTIFUL! Well, I would say that before it took me forever to do, haha! But don’t you think it looks fab?!
Our new colours are – Lemon, Copper, Mocha, Candyfloss, Aspen, Bright Pink, Petrol, Tomato, Sage and Mustard. How amazon would a blanket in ALL of the colours look? I do love a good blanket.
I hope you all have a great weekend, and I’ll see you in a few weeks!
Jen xx
Hello there! I hope you’re all having a lovely week, and enjoying the continuing good weather! I’ve got a few new things to show you today!
First (and my favourite), is Galaxy DK! It’s a gorgeous yarn with little sequins in, and has actually been so popular we only have 2 colours left! But don’t worry, we ordered some more in yesterday, so will have 3 more colours arriving within the next week, which will be available on the website as soon as possible.
One of the new colours will be crocus, which is this gorgeous purple!
We do also have this cardigan pattern available. We are currently working on getting all of the patterns on the website, but then number over two thousand (yes, you read that right!!), so it might take a while!! If you would like this pattern though, just drop me an email at jen@thewoolstop.co.uk and I can create a special listing for you.
We also have some new colours in Comfort DK, which is my personal favourite baby yarn, as it’s so incredibly soft, and washes really well. On the left you can see Stonewash, which is a lovely shade of blue with a hint of grey, and on the right is Porcelain a gorgeous shade of pink that I’m eyeing up myself!!
As usual, we completely restocked on Riot DK, which is one of our post popular ranges, but last month we also got a new colour in called Reggae (they do name them wonderfully!), which is lovely and bright. We now have 11 colours in Riot DK, and it’s so popular we almost always have to restock every month!
King Cole’s Tinsel yarn is always one of our best-sellers at Christmas, as they have wonderful patterns for Christmas decorations, but is it popular all year round for toy making, and we just got this lovely new colour, Sparkler in, which is a gorgeous mix of purple and blue, my two favourite colours!
King Cole have some lovely patterns using the Tinsel, including a dragon (my personal favourite!), and the ever-popular owls and hedgehogs. You can find these patterns here, and if you would like to order some along with the wool to go with it, just drop me an email at jen@thewoolstop.co.uk and I can let you know the pattern requirements.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Jen xx
I hope you’re all enjoying this glorious sunshine! Any excuse for ice cream!
I don’t have much to show you today, as we haven’t had time to put the new yarns on the website yet, but along with our fabulous sale (£2 a ball!!) on Fazed Tweed, we are also having a huge sale on books, with many of them half price, including lots of the Rowan ones, now that’s what I call a bargain!
Many of the books have reduced postage too, as they go as a large letter. And don’t forget, if you spend over £25 postage is completely free!
Have a fabulous weekend, and enjoy the weather while it lasts!
Jen xx
Hello there!
I hope you’re all having a great week, despite the weather! To cheer you up on this rainy day, we’ve reduced Rowan Fazed Tweed to £2 a ball, both in store and online! It is a chunky weight wool, alpaca and polymide blend, so is perfect for accessories, or even garments, to keep you nice and toasty in the coming winter! We do have quite a bit, but it will likely sell out very quickly, so snap it up while you can!
I also don’t think I’ve shown you the new colours in Stylecraft Special DK! They are gorgeous, and have been very popular already. From left to right we have Buttermilk, Vintage Peach and Mushroom.
Pastels and vintage shades are very fashionable at the moment, so Stylecraft have done a great job with these three! We are expanding our Special range, so will have 8 new colours arriving in June which will be on the website shortly after.  I’m planning on colour-coding the cubbyholes to make is easier to see what colours we have, and I am rather excited about it – I do love colour coding!
I hope you all have a great week, and here’s to hoping we get some sunshine at the weekend!
Hello everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great week! I thought I’d fill you in on what happened on Yarn Shop Day!
We completely decorated the outside of the shop, including knitted flowers in our flower box! Unfortunately most of the balloons managed to escape though, I mustn’t have tied them down enough!
We had our best day ever, and raised over £100 for Brain Tumour Support, a local charity that does great work helping people with brain tumours and their families. As well as eating my bodyweight in cake (seriously, I ate A LOT!), I also gave out lots of goody bags, we actually completely ran out of them at lunchtime!
We still have a few of the specially hand dyed yarn from Little French Meadow, and Crafty Cat Knitty Bits left, so those will be going on the website on soon as we get time, so if you missed out you can still grab one!
We also have some of the West Yorkshire Spinners Yarn Shop Day sock yarn left, so you can now order those online if you would like to. The colours are gorgeous, I only wish my silly tennis elbow would go away so I can make a pair for myself!
Hope you all have a great weekend, and manage to find time for plenty of knitting!
Jennifer xx
Hello there! Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet lately, I’ve been very busy with preparations for Yarn Shop Day next Saturday, and boy is it going to be a big one!
This year we are raising money for Brain Tumour Support, and are doing a fabulous raffle in their honour, where the first prize is a King Cole Riot DK jumper kit in the ever popular Rainbow colorway, the second prize is a sock kit, including a ball of the EXCLUSIVE West Yorkshire Spinners Yarn Shop Day colourway, and the third prize is a humongous ball of Rico Creative Big Moment and matching needles to make a big snunggly scarf.
Speaking of the WYS exclusive Yarn Shop Day colourway, one of our lovely customers (Hi, Stella!) has knitted a sock in it, and doesn’t it pattern lovely? It’s in the colours of Yarn Shop Day’s logo, and is only available at bricks and mortar shops. We only selling it in the shop until Yarn Shop Day, and then any leftovers will go on the website, so I will be sure to let you know when they’re available!
As well as the raffle, we will also have cake (obviously!), goody bags for everyone who spends over £25 (while stocks last), free patterns of the Yarn Shop Day mascots AND special hand dyed sock yarn!
This bunch of squishies is dyed by Little French Meadow, and they are (you guessed it!), Harry Potter themed!! Can it get any better?
They are such gorgeous colours, and have already had to be hidden because they were selling too quickly so I was worried about running out!
We will also have special hand dyed sock yarn from Crafty Cat Knitty Bits, who is actually one of our customers! We are hoping that they will arrive soon so we can start displaying them. Phew, so much to do!!
And with that, I bid you adieu, while I go and finish filling up goody bags. I hope to see you next Saturday, it’s going to be such a wonderful day!!
Jen xx
I’ve been so excited to show you the new Sirdar Colourwheel, but I had to wait patiently until they were all uploaded to the website! It’s a completely new yarn from Sirdar, which is presented in cake form, which I’ve not seen before. You get 150g of a gorgeous gradient in DK, and there is a free pattern on the ball band for a shawl. Sirdar actually made a bit of a goof, and put the wrong pattern on the ball band, so you also get a ‘whoops’ card, which has the correct pattern on it, so you end up getting two free patterns! Not had for £9.99, and it’s 20% wool!
I LOVE the rainbow one in the middle. We should have a sample up on display soon, and I’ll be sure to post a picture of it when it’s finished. If you’d rather crochet, or don’t fancy the pattern on the ball band, we have other patterns for colourwheel available for purchase, and most of them just use 1 ball!
We have also extended our stock of Snuggly Snowflake DK, as there are some lovely patterns for baby garments and blankets in it. We now have the neutral white and beige, along with the Christmas-y read, and the baby blue and pink.
I have just this minute taken in a delivery of the new exclusive WYS Signature 4ply colourway, so you’re the first ones to see it! This one is especially for Yarn Shop Day, and will only be available in bricks and mortar shops. Due to the high demand of previous exclusive colourways (the ever popular Pink Flamingo!), we have decided to have it as a shop exclusive for now, and any leftovers after Yarn Shop day will be put on the website, and I will let you know when it’s available.
Isn’t it pretty? It’s in the colours of Yarn Shop Day’s logo, and will stripe like the other Signature 4ply.
Please note that we will be CLOSED on Good Friday and Easter Monday, which will effect when parcels are sent out. Any orders placed on Good Friday will be posted on Saturday, and then any from 12pm on Saturday will go with the first post Tuesday morning.
I hope you all have a great Easter, and get lots of chocolatey goodies!
Jen xx
Hello there! I hope you’ve all been having a great week! We’ve had some fabulous deliveries this week, although I can’t show you what new goodies we have until they are loaded onto the website, so I shall have to keep my lips sealed for now! Hopefully I should be able to spill the beans next week.
There’s only a month to go until Yarn Shop Day now, and we are so excited! We’re going to have cake (obviously!), a raffle for Brain Tumour Support, goody bags and special indie dyed sock yarn from Little French Meadow! it’s going to be such a great day, so do pop by if you’re local!
Those of you who know me will know that I am a HUGE sock knitting addict. If I don’t have a half-knitted pair of socks in my hands, my fingers get itchy. If you’ve never knitted sock before and are a bit daunted, these Rico Sock Kits are a wonderful place to start, as you get enough wool to make a pair of socks, as well as the needles and pattern all for £10! They come in some lovely colours, I’m rather partial to Tropic myself!
Anyone who is a fan of sparkles will love Melange Glitz! We recently restocked on Purple and Red, as well as the normal Melange. Melange is a lovely blend of Wool and Acrylic which makes it warm but not scratchy, so great for garments and accessories, and the colours pattern really well. I’m thinking of making a bit snuggly cowl with it for winter!
We also restocked on the ever-popular Baby So Soft. our local NICU asks for baby garments to be knitted in this, as it washes so well and is very soft on the skin. We got some new colours in too, including Fuchsia (left, 3 rows down) which we have now almost sold out of! It is a lovely deep pink, although I think my favourite at the moment is Yellow – it would look fabulous as a little cardigan to go over summer dresses! We’re certainly having the weather for it!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend, filled with much knitting!
Jen xx
Hello there, hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend! As the weather has begun to get warmer, and the nights lighter, we have stocked up on cotton yarns for the summer, including a gorgeous new range from King Cole!
We have completely restocked Sirdar Beachcomber, including a new colour, White Sands. We have also restocked on the ever popular King Cole Cottonsoft (named very aptly, as it is sooooo soft!), including the new colours Silver (grey is still incredibly fashionable!), and Hot Pink (I may be terribly biased as I love pink but this one is really bright and awesome). We love cottonsoft so much that when we heard that King Cole were releasing a striped version, Cottonsoft Crush, we just HAD to have it, and boy is it pretty!!
As you can see from the above picture, we are actually running a bit low at the moment (especially of my favourite colourway, Watermelon, which you can see on the very top row), but we are expecting lots more next week! It’s just as soft as the solid Cottonsoft, stripes really nicely and is amazingly the same price as the solid!
If you’re wondering how it stripes, we actually have a sample of a lovely jumper in Bluebell, which comes out in stripes of navy and light blue, with navy flecks. This jumper (roughly a size 14-16) only took 4 balls, as Cottonsoft goes a very long way, making it really economical.
We also now have WYS Aire Valley DK, including the wonderful Rum Paradise (third row down), so we now have it’s rainbowy goodness in 4ply, DK and Aran!
I just love a good rainbow!
This week to received a very exciting delivery of two new colours of West Yorkshire Spinners’ Signature 4ply that were exclusive to order at a trade show we recently frequented
Aren’t they gorgeous?!? The stripey one is called Pink Flamingo and the solid pink is Candyfloss. As soon as I loaded these onto the website they went WILD, and we completely sold out of Pink Flamingo within 8 hours, but don’t worry if you missed out, as we have lots more due to arrive on Monday!
I have been completely blown away by how popular they have been, so if you would like to make sure you nab one, follow us on Facebook and I will update it as soon as the new stock arrives so you can get your hands on some!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend
Jennifer xx
Hello there! I was hoping to be able to show you the GORGEOUS new colours in WYS Signature 4ply that were exclusive to a trade show we visited on Sunday, but unfortunately our order hasn’t arrived yet. Fingers crossed it will arrive soon though, and I will be sure to let you know as soon as they do! They are soooo pretty, I plan to make samples in them immediately!
For today I have a few new shades of Rico yarn to show you, including the new Rico Glowworm Prints! We LOVE Rico Glowworm, as it has a reflective strand so it works like cats eyes, and makes great hats and scarves to keep little ones safe when walking home from school. Rico has recently released a stripey version, including this incredibly bright one which I love!
wool shop yarn
You definitely wouldn’t get lost wearing a hat in that!!
We also have a few new shades in the ever popular Baby Classic DK, which some in 50g doughnuts and are gorgeously soft. We have gone ‘on trend’ with our new colours, so as well as restocking on the usual ones, we now also have light grey and navy!
wool shop yarn
Grey is very fashionable at the moment, and is also great because it works for either gender, so if the parents don’t want to know the sex of the baby, grey’s a pretty safe bet! Navy is also great for older children, as it goes with practically everything but you don’t go half blind knitting it like you do with black! It also looks adorable on little ones!
And last, but certainly not least, we have completely restocked, and have a new colours in Essentials Cotton! As usual, the every popular silver is running out rather quickly (we just can’t order it in fast enough!), but we have also added the lovely Cobalt to our range.
traditional wool shop cotton dk yarn
Isn’t it pretty? I just happen to be wearing a cobalt jumper today too! I have always wanted to have cobalt bridesmaids dresses at my wedding. It’s just such a pretty colour!
That’s all I have for you today I’m afraid. My website gremlins (AKA my dad!) is busy adding all of the new lines and colours we have had in to the website, so I will have much more to show you in the coming weeks, and be sure to follow us on Facebook too for the first look at the new exclusive WYS Signature 4ply colours! Are you excited? I am!!
Hello there, lovely readers!
Brew a cuppa and pull up a chair, I’ve got some lovely things to show you!
Unfortunately I can’t show you all of the fabulous new ranges we have had in this month, as not all of them are on the website yet, but as soon as they are you will hear about them hear first! I’ve got a lovely big long list of things to share with you!
Today we’re going to start with my favourite (shhh, don’t tell the others!), West Yorkshire Spinners’ Aire Valley Aran! I love West Yorkshire Spinners, as it is made in the UK (in Yorkshire, unsurprisingly!), and they are very passionate about keeping things local. They also do a gorgeous sock yarn, which we have fully restocked on (including the ever popular rainbow Rum Paradise), and even have a new colour in – Poppy Seed, as grey is very fashionable at the moment!
wool shop 4 ply wool
We have decided to expand our range, and have just started stocking the lovely Aire Valley Aran! It’s a great price for the percentage of wool, and comes in wonderful colours (naturally we had to get Rum Paradise in that too!)
It has proved very popular so far – my dad is even sporting a hat in Green Polka! Hi Dad!
My mum is also making a sample of Red Stripe at the moment, so I will show you that when it’s finished! Unfortunately I am unable to knit at the moment due to e hand injury, but I hope to whip up a few samples myself when it’s healed!
We are hoping to get the DK version in in the next few months, so we will have rainbows in every weight!!
That’s all I have to show you today, but there will be many more goodies to come – we had a lot of new ranges in Rico and James Brett this month too!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend
Jennifer xx
Hi everyone! I know this is a day early, but I’ll be writing out our orders for March tomorrow and Saturday, and as I was too busy to blog last week I thought I’d do one a bit earlier this week.
I hope you’re managing to keep warm in this weather! I have taken to wearing so many layers I resemble the Michelin man – today I’m even wearing a jumper over a jumper to try and stay warm! It definitely is the season for knitting! This week Marble Chunky has been very popular, as it comes in 200g balls, so is great to make a matching hat and gloves, or a scarf!
Life DK has also been flying out the door, as it contains 25% wool so is very warm for winter accessories. Pebble Nepp has been especially popular, as it is a grey with flecks of black and brown in it, which is very fashionable at the moment.
This week we signed up to Yarn Shop Day, so be sure to put Saturday the 6th of May in your diaries! We will have cake (obviously!), a raffle, goody bags, free patterns, and special hand-dyed yarn by the indie dyer Little French Meadow! It’s going to be a fantastic day, so if you’re local be sure to pop in! We are getting very excited for it already, and are well underway with our planning, there’s so much to do!
Next week I will hopefully have lots of exciting things to show you, as we are getting  whole new range in West Yorkshire Spinners in, as well as new colours in a lot of yarns, including the very popular Rico Creative Glowworm, which has a reflective strand running through it that works like cats eyes, and reflects car headlights! It’s very clever, and great for making hats and scarves for you little ones, to keep them safe in the dark.
I hope you have a great weekend, and I’ll see you next week!
Jennifer xxx
Hello there! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and are fully recovered from all that food! Sorry I didn’t blog last Friday, but it was my birthday, so I had the day off and celebrated with yet more food, naturally!
I’ve got a few new things to show you today, as we placed some big orders this month to stock up after the Christmas rush!
First up is King Cole Big Value Aran – we have the Big Value DK which has proved very popular, so have decided to extend the range. There are some wonderful colours, and some lovely flecked ones too, which is always nice in an aran!
we now also stock Big Value Super Chunky, which is my favourite range of colours, they are such lovely warm tones, I just want to snuggle up under a blanket made with them! All of the Big Value ranges are an amazing £2.75 for 100g ball (100% acrylic), so they really live up to their name!
Running on the theme, we have a new colour in Big Value DK too! We have fully stocked up on existing colours (the navy with a fleck is SO popular!), and the lovely bright blue at the bottom is Surf
We also have a new colour in Magnum Chunky, which is flying out the door at the minute for hats, scarves and winter warmers, which you certainly need in this weather! Bramble (the purple) is the new colour, and it’s just gorgeous, although I am slightly biased (our logo is purple for a reason!)
And last, but certainly lot least, we now have a cubbyhole chock full of Crofter DK, which is a lovely mix of cotton, wool and acrylic, which makes it really versatile, and great for both winter warmers and summer garments.  It also patterns like fair isle, so looks like you’ve been very fancy and doesn’t take much effort – it knits up like magic! We have mostly just topped up on existing colourways, as we already had a lot of different colours in it, but at the very top right you can see Alfie, which is a new colour, and a wonderful rainbow of pinks, greens and blues.
That’s all for today, I will be back at the same time next week to show you some more goodies! Hope you have a great weekend
Hello everyone! Unfortunately I don’t have anything new to show you today, but I wanted to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I hope you all have a lovely relaxing time and get lots of wool! 🙂
We will be closing on 1pm Christmas Eve and re-opening on Tuesday the 3rd of January, so any orders placed between those times will be posted out on the Tuesday.
Hope you all have a great one!
Who’s excited? I’M EXCITED! With the season quickly approaching, I thought I’d share some festive makes!
One of our lovely customers, Gill, brought in her two shelf sitters from King Cole’s Christmas Knits book for me to see this week, aren’t they just the cutest? I love the teeny tiny pom poms on the elf’s shoes!
We also did our Christmas window this week, complete with Christmas tree and lots and lots of handmade decorations! Gosh, I could do with a lie down after all that!
We also broke out the massive Rudolf, because if Christmas isn’t a time for massive reindeers made out of wood with a million fairy lights on, I don’t know when is!
I am feeling very festive with all these flashing lights, I might just have to eat my weight in gingerbread men!
Don’t forget our Christmas section, with all of the patterns, books and wool for the festive season, and our gifts for all your knitting friends, or yourself!
You can also join our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and Instagram to see the latest arrivals and what’s happening at the shop!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!
Jen xxx
Hello there! Sorry I haven’t posted in the last few weeks, but my poor old dog’s not been very well. She does seem to be getting better now though, so keep your fingers crossed!
I’ve got a few new goodies to show you today, but I thought I’d start with the wonderful crochet snowman that one of my lovely customers brought in to show me this week, made with a James Brett pattern that you can find in the Christmas section, and the gorgeously soft flutterby chunky. He’s going to look fabulous in Ashley’s window this Christmas!
If anyone would like me to make a kit up for the snowman, pop me an email at jen@thewoolstop.co.uk and I can work out prices for you. Isn’t he the cutest?
We have some new colours in Riot DK and Riot Chunky this week, which are going down a storm, especially Rainbow (which is at the top right), as it is really lovely a bright! Quite a few people are getting jolly gloves and hats this Christmas!
img_20161117_132030We also have Stylecraft’s new Swift Knit Tweed Super Chunky, which is going so quickly we’ve already sold out of one colour already! It is really gorgeous, and there are some lovely patterns for garments and household accessorises to go with them.
Swift Knit Tweed is a sister yarn to Swift Knit. Both are an acrylic wool blend and are gorgeously soft and machine washable, so are perfect for making Christmas gifts with. Also, being a super chunky they knit up really quickly, which is always a bonus!
Yet again this winter, we are finding Rico’s Creative Glowworm very popular, as it has a reflective strand woven into it which works like cats eyes and reflects any light, so it is great for making hats and scarves for little ones, and the lovely bright colours it comes in means that they will actually keep them on their heads!
We have some new ranges of Opal sock yarn in stock, including 20 years, and Schafpate (which I am very glad I just have to type, and not pronounce!). There are some gorgeous colours in it, I love the three at the top, especially the pink and grey at the top right hand side. That’d make some lovely warm socks!
This blog post is coming to you a day early because tonight I am going to the midnight screening of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, so I will need to sleep all that excitement off tomorrow! I will be wearing my Newt Scamamder scarf with pride, and if anyone else would like to make their own, or make one for a Harry Potter loving friend, we still have one ball in Alpaca Dk Gold and one in Life DK Granite which is what I used to make mine.
I hope you all have a magical weekend!
Jennifer xxx
Hello and a happy Friday to you! I hope you’ve been keeping nice and toasty and warm on this cold week!
I’ve not only got some exciting new colourways to show you this week, but also a finished project! How adorable is this crocheted reindeer using James Brett Flutterby Beige and Cream, and their new Christmas pattern?
He ended up a lot bigger than expected, and looks rather impressive! He is going to be pride of place in our Christmas window this year! If you’d like to make your own, we have all of the yarn required, plus toy stuffing and safety eyes, so I can easily make you up a kit if you just pop me an email at jen@thewoolstop.co.uk
 We have some new colours in my favourite (shhh don’t tell the others!) chunky yarn, Chunky Tweed, including the brand new sage, and a glorious purple.
Chunky Tweed is a lovely mix of acrylic and wool, so keeps you nice and warm while not breaking the bank!
We are now fully stocked on Dollymix, the teeny tiny 25g balls of acrylic that are great for toys and Christmas decorations, where you only need small amounts
We currently have all of the bright colours, all of the pastels, and enough black, flesh, red and green to sink a ship! If you are ever unsure of which colour to get (for example, the flesh colour is number 149), please feel free to contact me by email or phone.
And last, but certainly not least, we have lots of new colours in Life DK, so many that it was very difficult to fit them all into two cubbyholes! We now have a mixture of the solid colours, the nepps (with a fleck), and the ones with a twist, so no matter what you’re looking for you’re sure to find it!
My personal favourite is Mixtures Cranberry, which is at the bottom left of the top cubbyhole. It’s a lovely deep pink-y purple with lots of different tones in it, simply gorgeous!
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend
Jen xx
Hello there! I hope you are all having a fabulous week, and not suffering with a mean old cold like I am. Anyone for lemsip? Even though I am feeling rather sorry for myself, I still can’t help but get ridiculously excited about our new winter ranges!
First up, and most definitely my favourite (shhh, don’t tell the others!), is Special XL, a new Super Chunky range from Stylecraft. It is exactly the same as the popular Special DK (and Special 4ply, Special Aran, Special Chunky etc!), but just super chunky, and comes in 200g balls, so at £5.75 it’s a steal! They are a great idea for accessories (a scarf or hat would only take 1 ball!), or even fabulous super chunky cardigans or jumpers! There are a range of lovely bright winter colours, as well as some more neutral ones.
 img_20161014_105854Also, in our Christmas section, you will notice that we have King Cole’s ever popular Christmas Knits Book 4 back in stock, along with plenty of its companion books, Christmas Crochet Book 1 and 2
Speaking of Christmas, we yet again have more colours in Tinsel Chunky, including Foxy and Claret, which are used to make a gingerbread man in one of King Cole’s new patterns (which will be on the website very soon!). Foxy is also orange and black, so as well as being excellent for gingerbread men, it’s also great for Halloween decorations! Knitted pumpkins, anyone?
 img_20161014_105939And the last (but by no means least!) wool I’d like to show you today is New Magnum Chunky! King Cole have just released some new colours for this winter, and they are lovely and rich while at the same time being quite muted. They can be seen in the first two rows of the picture, and include Bordeaux, Topaz, Stormy and Denim! As a Harry Potter fan who is very excited about the new Fantastic Beasts films (and there are going to be FIVE, yayy!!), I can just see Newt Scamander in a Bordeaux cable jumper, can’t you?img_20161014_105859
 Have a great weekend!
Jennifer xxx
Hello there! I hope you’re all keeping warm and dry on this miserable morning. You have my full permission to read this while drinking a massive hot chocolate with all the trimmings. Have some extra marshmallows for me! Calories in hot chocolate totally don’t count when it’s raining. At least that’s what I like to think anyway!
Another busy week for us this week – we’ve had two HUGE deliveries, and I’m expecting two more any minute, so this one will be fairly short, but I’ll have even more fabulous stuff to show you next week!
As it’s getting colder, chunky wool is becoming very popular, as it knits up really quickly and makes really warm garments and accessories. This month, we have restocked on the ever popular Lakeland Chunky, and got lots of new colours in, so we now have every colour in the range!
Phwoar, isn’t that a fabulous sight! I love the pinky-purply one in the top cubbyhole!
We have also completely restocked and got new colours in Sirdar’s Blossom, a baby chunky that we ordered in last month to see how it went. We can’t seem to get it in fast enough, it’s just flying out the door! I took this photo when I’d just finished putting them out and it’s half-empty again!
Chunky baby knits certainly seem to be in fashion this year, and Blossom knits up in a lovely self-striping pattern so it does all the work for you! It’s gorgeously soft and is of course machine washable, making it much easier for the mums (or dads) who have to wash it all!
Speaking of baby chunky, we also have new colours in Flutterby, which is a chunky weight chenille yarn that’s very popular for baby blankets and little cosy jackets and scarves. It’s amazingly soft and fluffy! One of my customers uses it to make little dog coats to keep her adorable chihuahua warm in the winter, and she looks fabulous in them!
You can see the new colours that we have on the top row there, including a lovely new bright pink (called fondant, what a great name!), a nice new blue speckled one, and a beigey-brown one for the new James Brett crochet reindeer pattern!
Isn’t he fabulous? I’ll be making a sample up for the Christmas window so you’ll be seeing a lot more of him soon! I’ve been shown a sample of the finished product and it ends up so big and squishy! The pattern will be up on the website as soon as possible, you’ll be able to find it in our brand new Christmas section, along with all our other Christmas patterns, pattern books and yarn, to help you decorate your house, and your favourite people, for the festivities!
Speaking of festivities, we will be open as usual up until 1pm on Christmas Eve, and we will then be closed until Tuesday the 3rd of January when normal opening hours resume, so any online orders placed inbetween then will be posted first thing on the 3rd.
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!
Jennifer xx
Gosh, another week snuck away from me! Sorry for not blogging last week, it was so busy that it completely slipped my mind! As the weather has definitely turned, we’ve got a lot of people making big cosy jumpers for the winter!
Today I thought I’d show you some more new arrivals, we’re actually placing our October orders on Saturday, so I’ll have even more things to show you next week! I just adore this time of the year, not only do I get to drink massive amounts of hot chocolate and eat my weight in gingerbread men, but there’s so many new gorgeous yarns coming out all the time!
I have been so excited to show you all King Cole’s new double knitting yarn – Sprite! It’s an 100% premium acrylic and is gorgeously soft. It patterns in lovely stripes, the the colour ranges are fabulous – I’m currently making a cardigan in Rhodes that I hope to be able to show you soon!
We also have some new colours in King Cole’s Tinsel Chunky – including the mush sought after white, gold and silver! We are going to be getting even more new colours in our next delivery, including a rather adorable Christmas pattern for a gingerbread man! I will, naturally, be making one up for our Christmas window – you know I can’t resist a good gingerbread man! We are also in the process of compiling a Christmas section on the website, where you’ll be able to find all the books, sparkly wool and patterns for the festive season, which will hopefully be available soon.
Last, but certainly not least, we have a treat from the depths of the ocean for you! If you’re a knitter or crocheter with young children, you will undoubtedly have heard of mermaid tails, which look like sleeping bags and keep your legs nice and toasty.  We currently only have Sirdar’s knitting pattern for them (not currently available on the website, if you would like one contact me at jen@thewoolstop.co.uk and I can sort it out for you), which goes from birth to aged 7, but we will also be getting King Cole’s pattern in, which included adult sizes, if yourself or any of your big kids want to be mermaids for the day!
They would make great Christmas presents, and are the height of fashion at the moment!
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend, and stay nice and dry inside!
Jen xxx
Hello there! Fancy seeing you here? Of all the wool shops, in all the towns, you’ve walked into mine. Okay, I’ll stop now! If you can’t tell, I can rather excited. We had some very big deliveries this week of  lots of our new winter stock, and I can’t wait to share it all with you! I will split it up and show you a bit at a time, as there’s so much it would take quite a while to read!
First things first, we have completely restocked on Glitz and Shine (the sparkly Christmas yarns I showed you in the previous post), as they have been going like wildfire, and are great for Christmas decorations or jumpers!
As autumn seems to be in the air, I thought I’d start with the new chunky ranges. We now stock King Cole Chunky Tweed, which is a gorgeous acrylic/wool blend which has a lovely fleck in it, and has a fabulous range of patterns. It’s perfect for those quick winter knits, and would be great for jumpers or accessories!
We even have a sample in one of the patterns, so you can see how nicely it knits up. It has a great stitch definition, and shows off the cables really well.
We also now have a baby chunky! We already have Flutterby and Yummy, which are chunky chenille yarns, and have been very popular for baby blankets, but we’ve decided to get a standard chunky, as it’s increasingly popular for little jackets and hoodies, which are just the cutest things ever! We decided to go with Sirdar’s Baby Blossom Chunky, as it’s a very reasonable price at £3.99 a ball, it’s gorgeously soft, and comes in a lovely range of colours. The fleck in it is so sweet, and when it’s knitted up it looks like little rosebuds!

Speaking of baby yarn, we have completely restocked on all baby yarn, including snuggly (in which we have some new colours), Crofter and Baby Bonus, so you can keep your little ones nice and toasty as winter approaches!

I shall be back next week to show you some more new ranges, including one that I’m very excited about, and I should be able to show you how it knits up too!
Have a great weekend!
Jen xx
Hello again! Sorry it’s been such a while since I posted – it was so busy last Friday and Saturday that I didn’t get a chance to write a blog post. It seems that everyone starting to knit their Christmas presents early, one customer even said that last year she was up until 3am Christmas morning frantically knitting away, so she wanted to make sure everything was done in time this year!
We have some fabulous Christmas yarn from King Cole – Shine and Glitz. Shine (on the bottom) came out last year, and I made lots of little snowflakes in it for our Christmas window display, and it practically flew out the door! Glitz (on the top) is new for this year, and is bright and lovely and sparkly, perfect for decorations, or even Christmas jumpers!
The cubbyhole no longer looks lovely and full, for within two weeks of them coming in, we have nearly sold out of them all! But never fear, we will be ordering again next week and will be ordering quite a few packs!
To go with the Glitz and Shine, we also have King Cole’s new Christmas Knits and Christmas Crochet books, which are packed full of fun patterns using their new Christmas yarns
New in this week, and also splendidly Christmas themed, are these adorable crochet kits. You get everything you need to make a cute robin or Christmas tree decoration, including stuffing and crochet hook, and you can even ‘plant’ your creation back into the pot when you have finished. I just love the Christmas tree one, isn’t that a fab idea for a desk at work or a child’s bedroom? I ordered one each of these as soon as I saw them, and within an hour of them arriving they had sold out. So I ordered another two and they sold out within a day! We now have a small army of them, and they will be available on the website very soon, so you can make your own adorable decorations in time for Christmas, or give them as a gift to a crafty friend!
Are you in the Christmas spirit yet? I certainly am! Just think of all that fabulous wool and all that yummy food! I can practically taste the gingerbread!
Have a fabulous weekend, and if you’re planning on visiting the shop don’t forget that we are closed on Monday due to the bank holiday
Jen xx
We got some rather lovely deliveries of some Christmas yarn this week! I know, some of you are groaning and thinking ‘ALREADY? It’s only August!’, and some (like me!) are squealing in delight that it’s almost here again. I mean, think of all the gingerbread houses you can eat!!
We haven’t quite had time to get everything on the website yet, so I’m splitting this post into two, and you can see some more of the Christmas yarn (and some fabulous pattern books!) if you tune in at the same time next week.
The first thing we made sure to get in well before Christmas was Tinsel Chunky, as King Cole completely ran out of silver and white last Christmas, and we had at least 2 frantic phone calls a day in the run up to Christmas with people desperate to get their hands on it but the warehouse was out of stock so unfortunately we couldn’t order it in! So this year we’ve ordered it in very early, along with a few more colours, so you’ve got plenty of time to get your decorations and presents done before the big day!
Speaking of Christmas gifts, these lovely sheep scarves are currently in the sale, and would make a lovely gift for a knitting friend, or someone who really likes sheep!
Moving away from Christmas, we have also completely restocked on yarns, and even have a few new colourways in King Cole Splash including waterways, which is a lovely teal blue and grey mix, which would be great for older children, or even adults!
That’s all for today, be sure to check back next week when we will have some very sparkly Christmas yarns, and some fabulous pattern books!
Jen xx
Oh, I do love the first week of the month, it’s when all our deliveries come in, and boy have we had some goodies this week!
Due to the popularity of the Vanessa Bee gift range, we have completely restocked on mugs, coasters, bookmarks and bags, and even have a new design of bag with a matching purse!
IMG_20160803_154920They are fabulous gifts for the knitter in your life (or yourself!), especially with Christmas quickly looming on us! Unfortunately we don’t currently have the mugs on our website, as they don’t come in boxes so would be difficult to get through the post in one piece, but if you would like to order one drop me an email at jen@thewoolstop.co.uk and I’ll try and hunt out a shoebox!
We also now have West Yorkshire Spinners Aire Valley DK on the website, in a fabulously named colourway Knitterblocker Glory, which is only available in Local Yarn Shops . As it’s a 75% wool, 25% nylon blend, it’s perfect for nice cosy bedsocks to keep your toes warm all winter, and at £4.99 for 100g it’s a steal!
The little sheep stitch marker you can see there is from Crafty Cat Knitty Bits, and we put a free bag of cute stitch markers in with every online order over £25!
It’s almost been a whole year since I took over this heaven of a wool shop, can you believe that?!? Time has just flown by, and I am certainly living the dream! To celebrate having the business for a whole year, on the 1st of September we will be releasing a new loyalty card for use in store, when every £10 spent gives you a stamp, and 10 stamps means £10 off! IMG_20160802_121153Aren’t those little stamps just the cutest! I am having to restrain myself from stamping EVERYTHING, haha! We will also be celebrating with cake on Thursday the 1st of September, so be sure to pop in and say hi!
I am still waiting on one more delivery, with some particularly lovely sparkly yarn for Christmas, so keep you eyes peeled for that next Friday!
Have a fab weekend
Jen xxx
I know I promised adventure knitting photos from my holiday last week, but in my defence it was really rather hot! I didn’t do much knitting, but I thought I’d show you a picture from my trip to the lakes two years ago, where, in the middle of a heat wave, I thought it was an excellent time to start knitting winter hats.
You can never be too prepared, after all!
I haven’t got many new arrivals to show you today,  as I will be placing our orders for August on Monday (and I’ll have lots of lovely things to show you when they arrive!), but I have started some socks in West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply Cocktails Mojito (gosh that’s a long name!) with Sour Apple for contrast toes, heel and rib.
I simply love these, I really like how it’s more of a gradient stripe than the other yarns in the cocktails range. I have actually started my Christmas knitting incredibly early, and these are for my dad (who is quite possibly reading this – hi dad!).  Speaking of Christmas (please don’t hate me for using the C word!), some of the goodies arriving next week include King Cole Tinsel (they completely ran out of White and Silver last Christmas so we’re hoping to get in early and stock up!) and some lovely Christmas sparkly yarn, as a surprising amount of our customers have already started their Christmas knitting! You can never be too prepared, as I always say!
Have a fab weekend!
Jen xx
Hello there! We’ve had a rather fabulous delivery this week – more Zauberballs! This time we decided to get normal Zauberballs, so we now have both crazy and normal zauberballs in a range of colours, and boy are they pretty!
Phwoar! With that many lovely ones, it’s so hard to choose!
Don’t forget that we are CLOSED next Monday-Friday due to a holiday, so any orders placed then will be posted out on Saturday, and the next blog post will be two weeks today, on Friday the 29th of July, where I’ll be sharing some adventure knitting pictures, so be sure to check back then!
Jen xxx
Hello! I hope you’re having a good Friday! We’ve had some lovely new arrivals this week that I thought I’d show you – yet again more sock yarn! Well what can I say – I am a huge sock addict and summer is the season for sock knitting!
We now have 2 more colours in the Cocktail range – Mojito (the green on the left) and Sherbet Fizz (the pastel on the right), and have also stocked up on Rum Paradise (the rainbow in the middle), Passionfruit Cooler (to the left) and Tequila Sunrise (on the right) which have been incredibly popular. My mum has knit a pair in Passionfruit Cooler (the sock you can see on the right hand side), and I’m just about to finish some Rum Paradise ones, I love how rainbow-y they are!
We are also now fully stocked on the Woodland Birds range and the contrasting solid colours to go with them, and we are now stocking Liquorice (black) and Milk Bottle (cream) for all your sock knitting needs!
A lot of the prints can be mixed and matched with the solids – for example Goldfinch (second cubbyhole down, on the right) can be contrasted with both butterscotch (to the left of it) or cherry drop (underneath it). My mum has actually made a pair of socks, and for one sock used butterscotch as a contrast and for the other sock used cherry drop and they look fabulous! It’s so surprising what difference a contrast colour makes to the look of the sock. Naturally, I’ve forgotten to take a picture of them but I’ll take one tonight and post a picture tomorrow. I’ll also post a picture of my hopefully finished rum paradise socks, so you can see them too!
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, fingers crossed we’ll have some nice weather for it!
Don’t forget, I am going on my holidays a week on Monday, so the shop will be closed between the 18th and 22nd of July, so any orders placed then will be posted out on the Saturday
EDIT TO ADD: As promised, here’s some pictures of my mum’s Goldfinch and my Rum Paradise socks!
Jen xxx
Hello there!
I hope you’ve all had a fabulous week! Can you believe it’s July already, where’s the year gone?!?! I do wish it would stop raining, although I am enjoying curling up under my blanket on an evening, watching Poirot and knitting socks while I listen to the rain outside!
If you’ve read the blog before, or ever met me, you’ll know I love socks. Like, an embarrassing amount. My love of socks rivals even Dobby’s, and I am quickly running out of sock storage space, but that certainly doesn’t stop me knitting them!
We recently started stocking Zauberball’s, and are currently awaiting another delivery. They are perfect for shawls and…you guessed it, socks! There is just a fabulous colour range, and they pattern so wonderfully, it’s always a joy to knit with them and I have stayed up passed my bedtime many a night because I wanted to see what the next colour would be! You might remember I recently made a scarf in a Zauberball, although we have now unfortunately sold out of that colour, and no surprise there, it’s gorgeous!
My favourite Zaubberball colour is Frische Fische (1564), it’s so bright and jolly, and naturally insanely popular! Carolyn has made these AMAZING striped socks in Frische Fische, using a free Ravelry pattern that just requires you to wind the yarn into two balls, and knit alternate stripes in them. Because Zauberballs stripe in a gradual gradient, knitting stripes is really effective gives stunning results. I think I just may have to try it out myself!
IMG_0552_medium2 (1)
Since the theme of the day seems to be socks, I might as well show you the ones I am currently knitting! I’m using Rum Paradise, from West Yorkshire Spinner’s new Cocktail range. This one has been understandably very popular, just look at that rainbow! West Yorkshire Spinners yarn is rather difficult to photograph, as the colours are lovely and bright but always seem rather dull in pictures. I can promise that they just absolutely divine, if I do say so myself! I am using the WYS Signature 4ply in Sarsaparilla for contrast toes, heel and rib, but there are so many colours in it that it would also work really well with Blackcurrent Bomb, Bubblegum or even Sour Apple! I love that West Yorkshire Spinners match the colours in their patterned sock yarn to the solids they already have available – it means you can use them for contrast socks, contrast sleeves on a garment, a contrast edging on a shawl, the list is endless! I doff my hat to you, West Yorkshire Spinners. You sure did do good with the Cocktails!
I thought it might be fun to start sharing the most popular yarns of the week with you, and this week was definitely won by the new Flutterby colour, Tropical. It’s just flown out the door, and is proving very popular for baby blankets, especially where the gender is unknown, as it’s nice and blue and not too girly, but also has a touch of purple too. And as it’s Flutterby, it’s gorgeous and soft and I have to use an enormous amount of self restraint to not pile it all up and roll around in it!
flutterby wool
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, and if you’re anywhere near Thornbury tomorrow do stop by and say hello! It’s the Thornbury Carnival and is sure to be a wonderful day
Jennifer xxx

Hello there my lovelies, I hope you’ve all had a great week!
In preparation for Glastonbury, we have a special offer on our Wendy Festival Chunky, with a whopping 25% off!! There are some really lovely colours, including one named Glastonbury
But my personal favourite is Goodwood, I can never resist a bit of pink!
061There is a lovely twist of different colours in it, and chunky works up SO quickly, which I love! Luckily it’s still a bit cool, so not too warm for jumper knitting, so you can get prepared for winter!
If you’re going to Glastonbury, I hope you have an amazing time, and that weather stays nice for you! My dad will most likely make me watch it on the telly, as he likes to pretend that he’s still ‘hip and cool’! Dads, eh?
Hello there! We’ve had some more new arrivals this week, that I’ve been desperate to show you. So pull up a seat, make a cuppa, and enjoy!
Along with topping up on the good ol’ favourites, like Special DK, Snuggly Baby Crofter, and Riot Chunky, we also have some exciting new colours and ranges.
We have decided to start stocking King Cole’s Big Value DK, as it’s only £2.75 a ball for 100g, which is amazing value for premium acrylic, and it comes in a range of gorgeous colours. It’s hard to tell from the photo (pesky sunshine!), but the bottom three colours are flecked, and the bottom left has flecks of all different colours in it, it’s really lovely, and so soft too! We are hoping to make room for the whole big value range within the next few months – it’s available in 4ply, aran, chunky and super chunky too!
I am also very excited that we now stock King Cole’s Baby Glitz, as you all know I love a bit of sparkle! We have it in mango and white, the two colours needed for one of their new baby patterns, which is just the cutest thing ever! It’s the softest sparkle yarn I’ve ever seen, and the colours are lovely
We also have new colours in some of our favourites, including baby Splash in Pink Lemonade and Sapphire (the two top colours)
And comfort aran in Shrimp and Aqua (the two colours in the third row down). I just adore comfort aran, it’s so incredibly soft and perfect for little ones with sensitive skin. The colours aren’t too baby-ish either if you (like me) fancy some for yourself!
That’s all for today, don’t forget that in the shop tomorrow we have 10% off knitting bags!
Jennifer xx
I hope you all have a fabulous bank holiday weekend! Doesn’t that extra day off make the week go so much quicker? I can’t believe it’s Friday already!
We’ve had three deliveries today (phew – I’ve earnt my marshmallows!), so I thought I’d show you some of our exciting new arrivals!
We have some new colours in James Brett Flutterby, including one of the new colours (the blue with purple), which is so lovely and squish and would work for either gender!
(You can also see King Cole Yummy to the right, we are expecting another delivery of that very soon, it’s been so popular and is just flying out the door!)
We’ve also had lots of new colours of Aria arrive, it has a lovely sequin in it and is perfect for (dare I say it?) Christmas! We now have plenty of red, grey, black and dusky pink, and our price is even cheaper than Deramores, at £3.50 a ball compared to their £3.79!
I haven’t linked to any of these yarns because my dad’s still working on getting them on the website (thanks dad!), but I’ll come back and add links when they’re all on, which should be in the next day or two.
And the most exciting delivery of all, we had our first parcel from Vanessa Bee! I’ve always loved Vanessa Bee products, but you only seem to be able to find them in the Lake District, so I was thrilled to become a supplier, and just look at how cute those little sheep are!
We have bags and bookmarks, as well as 4 different designs of mugs with matching coasters! I think they all look fabulous, and don’t break the bank either, as bags are £6.50, bookmarks £1.99, mugs £6 and coasters £3.
IMG_20160602_094830Unfortunately as the mugs didn’t come boxed we’ll be unable to list them on the website, as they might break in their way through the post, but all of the other gifts will be available on the website soon, and the mugs can be purchased in store.
Don’t forget, it’s 10% off ALL SOCK YARN tomorrow, my favourite kind of yarn!
Jennifer xx
Hello there! I know, I’ve been bad and forgotten to post again! It’s been a hectic week here at Woolstop, and I am looking forward to a nice relaxing bank holiday.
This week we re-labelled all of the cubbyholes with some fabulous labels given to us by King Cole, so it’s now very clear which wool is where, what each yarn is made up of, and the prices – as even though we do use a price gun, some ball bands are slippy and the price comes right off! I think it looks very smart, and I’m really pleased with it!
The adorable little cardigan you can see hanging up has been very popular this month – we only have one copy of the pattern left (Sirdar 4448), and only 3 balls of the yarn (Baby Crofter 173)! We’ll be placing our orders on Wednesday, so I’ll be sure to order plenty more! Isn’t is just adorable? Those mock cables are very easy to make, and are so effective then paired with self-striping yarn.
On the topic of sample garments, here’s a sock in West Yorkshire Spinners Passionfruit Cooler that my mum’s just finished knitting – isn’t it gorgeous! The colours really are perfect, I can practically taste passionfruit just looking at it!
I’m currently working on a shawl using a Crazy Zauberball and I’m loving how it’s almost a gradient stripe, with the colours slowly blending into each other, making it a very exciting knit because I can’t wait to see what the yarn does next! Self-striping yarn really is magical,
(please excuse my Christmas pyjamas!)
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend, and don’t forget it’s Super Saturday in store again today, with 10% off kits and gifts!
It’s beginning to look a lot like summer!
IMG_20160514_132735Well isn’t that just a sight for sore eyes! We now have a trough full of lovely flowers to go with our hanging baskets, so I’m feeling rather summer-y! Don’t forget, we have 10% off cotton in store tomorrow, for Super Saturday!! We have some really lovely colours in Sirdar Beachcomber and King Cole Cottonsoft (which is GLORIOUSLY soft),  so you’ll be spoilt for chocie!
Today I thought I’d show you some of my recently finished projects, so grab a cuppa and let’s get started!
This is a close up of a crochet blanket I recently finished for my grandpa’s birthday. I used James Brett Marble Chunky which comes in 200g balls so is great for bigger projects, and at £6.50 a ball, it’s a steal! I used a very simple granny stripe pattern but the colour changes in the wool really make it look gorgeous, and look like I’ve been very fancy and changed colours all the time without any effort involved! We have some really lovely colours in Marble Chunky and are ordering some more in June 🙂
Also recently finished (cast off last night!) are some socks using West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply in the colourways Blueberry Bonbon (for the contrast) and Spearmint (for the main). I used the free Ravelry pattern Hermione’s Everyday Socks to give them a bit of texture, and I really like how they turned out. It just goes to show, you don’t have to use a patterned yarn with a solid contrast, two solids can work wonderfully together!
We can also now ship anywhere in the world (yay!), so we can spread as much wooly goodness as possible! If you have any questions about postage or anything else, feel free to contact me on jen@thewoolstop.co.uk or call 01454 414084
Hope you all have a lovely weekend
Introducing…Super Saturday!
Hello! Sorry for the late post this week, I got a bit overexcited yesterday when a big bag of Crazy Zauberballs arrived, and completely forgot!
Well isn’t that just a basket of loveliness! It’s selling like hot cakes, so if you’d like to get your hands on some you can find them HERE, and don’t forget every order over £25 gets free shipping and a little extra gift!
We are going to be having Super Saturday in store, where you can get a 10% discount on certain yarns throughout the summer! Here’s our current timetable, but we will be adding more dates soon
Saturday 14th of May (TODAY!) – 10% off baby 4ply (including Stylecraft Special and Life)
Saturday 21st of May – 10% off cotton yarn
Saturday 28th of May – 10% off kits and gifts
Saturday 4th of June – 10% off sock yarn
Saturday 11th of June – 10% off knitting bags
Saturday 18th of June – 10% off haberdashery
Saturday 25th of June – 10% off any baby yarn
We’re also currently working on shipping overseas (which is surprisingly more complicated that you’d think!), so that should hopefully be available within the nest week or two, so we can spread wooly goodness throughout the world!
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!
Jennifer x
Thank you to everyone that came to support us for Yarn Shop Day last Saturday, we had such a lovely day! It was great to see so many new faces (and old ones!), and have a good natter. The wool shop was dressed up to the nines for the event, and I think it looked rather spiffing, we even had knitted flowers in our planter!
We also had a delicious cake made by Alice at Cupcake Fashion, which tasted just as good as it looked (and those icing balls of wool were AMAZING – I was pretty much on a sugar high all day)
We had such a great day, and can’t wait for next year! I like a good excuse for cake.
If you were unable to make it on Saturday, don’t worry, we still have some goodies left! While the goody bags are long gone, and the raffle prize has been won (well done Lorraine!), we still have a few skeins of gorgeous hand-dyed yarn from Cuddlebums. The 4ply is 50% silk and 50% wool, and just the softest squishiest thing you’ve ever seen, and the DK is 85% wool and 15% donegal, and the flecks are just beautiful. I’m being very restrained in not taking it all home!
PHWOAR! If you’d like to get your grubby little paws on some, they are available over in the luxury wool section (OR CLICK HERE), and if you spend over £25 you get free postage and a little extra treat for yourself – what are you waiting for?!
We also have some new sock yarn in this week – the West Yorkshire Spinners’ Cocktails range in Tequila Sunrise (left), Passionfruit Cooler (middle) and Rum Paradise (right). They are self striping and absolutely gorgeous! They can be found on the website under sock wool (CLICK HERE).
New in this week, we have some of the new colours in Opal Flower Blossom which can be found under sock yarn as well, and we will be getting a delivery of Crazy Zauberball early next week, so I’ll be sure to show you pictures of that next time, so keep popping back!
Have a great weekend 🙂
Hello again! As Yarn Shop Day is quickly sneaking up on us (it’s TOMORROW!), I thought I’d show you some of the goodies we’re going to have!
On Monday we had a very scrummy delivery of West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply sock yarn which looks absolutely sock-alicious with the contrasting solids! If you can’t make it it to the wool shop, you can find them if you CLICK HERE, and if you have any questions about which is the contrasting solid for which colourway, don’t hesitate to email me at jen@thewoolstop.co.uk and I can give you further information and send over more drool-worthy pictures!
We will also have lots of CAKE, which will be arriving bright and early tomorrow morning (I can’t wait to see it!), and some gorgeous squishy hand-dyed sock yarn from Cuddlebums which arrived yesterday, and is so soft and lovely I want to shove my face in the basket!!
The lovely Jodi at Cuddlebums has dyed us up some 4ply on a merino/silk base which has a wonderful sheen to it, and Jodi’s new flash colourways are simply devine, I want them all!
We also have some DK in merino/donegal which is just so squishy I can’t strop stroking them, and they look fabulous with the fleck in!
If you can’t get to the shop tomorrow, never fear, if we have any left at the end of the day they will be listed on the website, and I’ll pop up a link to it in my post next week, along with lots of pictures of the cake, so you can lick the screen!
We are also holding a raffle to raise money for Butterfly Space (a local charity), with some amazing prizes, so be sure to stop by if you’re in the area and buy a ticket!
Hope to see you tomorrow, it looks like we’re going to have great weather for it so it’ll be a fabulous day, and I’ll be posting lots of pictures of it next Friday, along with some more new arrivals that I am very excited about, so be sure to pop back!

Hello and welcome to our new website! Isn’t it fabulous? I think so, although I am also horribly biased! Feel free to have a good look around at all our lovely squishy wool, and if you have any questions at all, you can contact me on 01454 414084 or jen@thewoolstop.co.uk. And don’t forget to use code YAY for 10% off your first order!
I will be publishing a blog post every Friday/Saturday with pictures of new scrummy wool that has just been delivered, samples I have just finished knitting, and events that are going to be taking place in my lovely little shop, but today I thought I would tell you a little bit about myself.
Hello! I am Jennifer  but most people call me Jen. I am 23 and have the best job in the world! I absolutely adore my little wool shop, which is why I have a ridiculous grin on my face in this picture!
My favourite colour is purple (if you hadn’t already guessed by the logo!), and my favourite food is marshmallows. If I had a pick a favourite wool, it would be any kind of sock wool, my current personal favourite is the Rico Superba Las Vegas because it’s SPARKLY!
I love wearing them with my see-through boots to show them off! If you’d like some sparkly sock yarn of your very own, just CLICK HERE and it will take your straight to the sock wool section of the website when you can find many squishy tempting goodies!
Along with marshmallows, and socks, my other absolute favourite thing in the world is my tortoise, Dobby
DSC_0159He’s a grumpy little fellow but I am completely besotted. He even has a few woolly outfits of his very own.
137 - Dobby's Flower Shell Cosy - 15.6.15
He doesn’t look very impressed about them though!
The other love of my life is Harry Potter. I’m sure the keener of you will have noticed that I named Dobby after my favourite house elf, and on a Friday night I can be found snuggled under a blanket, with a tortoise asleep on my shoulder, marathoning Harry Potter and happily knitting away on a pair of socks.
Well that pretty much sums me up! If you’d like to meet me ‘in the flesh’ and chat about socks, tortoises and Harry Potter (just try and stop me!), why not come and visit me on Yarn Shop Day?
AR 16-01 Yarn shop day returns_thumb_tcm71-183588
I will have cake (if you’re early enough and I haven’t eaten it all!), gorgeously scrummy hand dyed sock yarn from Cuddlebums, a fabulous raffle, and goody bags to give away to the first 5 people who spend over £20!
If you’re not in the Bristol/Thornbury area and can’t get down to see me, I will be blogging ALL about it, so you won’t miss a thing! And be sure to keep popping back, something rather wonderful is arriving on Monday! Shhh, it’s a secret!
See you next time!

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